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Secret Police Version With Kaito
3/18/14 | 1 Comments | Top

I has been a long time since Linzz Fate changed layouts, isn't it? Hahahaha Well this time, this layout is special because the banner was actually done by my freind, Serene, whom I met through our FFSNG Group, Chronos.

The banner, features the last Vocaloid figure in my Vocaloid Mania of Layouts that has been featured in Linzz Fate (remember, I started with Rin and Len, Miku, Luka, Meiko...) KAITO! I actually had a hard time choosing a song from which I can get Kaito from. I was thinking of the Ice cream song but chickened out the next day. I also thought of doing something a facebook-like one since KAITO's blue but then decided not to go for it. Then, I ended up with this cool illustration of him in his Secret Police outfit so, why not? I also asked Serene to do the banner for me since I really like her editing very much.

As for my next layout. I wonder who I should feature next... I mean, I am quite interested in a lot of anime titles with a lot of awesome characters in and it's quite hard to choose. Maybe I should feature someone from a manga? Hmmm whatever goes, I guess. HAHA

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