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I Actually Downloaded a Huge Resource Pack...
3/14/14 | 2 Comments | Top

Yeah, I did! And can you believe that I actually DID?! Who would have thought that a lazy person like me, download 1.7G + of resources in a day?! I don't know what happened but I was surely on the mood. Thank you very much to the people who have made so many resources for people to use freely! I am so indebted to you guys! *UPDATED RESOURCES LIST*

So, in order for me to make use of the newly downloaded resources of mine, I did a new facebook set to one of the facebook pages that I am currently an admin (although inactive haha), Anime Megane, featuring Midorima from Kuroko no Basket.

I am actually very happy with the result (even if it is random and unexpected lol). And to the record, this piece actually had the most number of layers I have used just for a cover photo. No, dude, I am serious. You don't know how many layers took me to finish this that have eaten my RAM to almost 90%. Most layers were purely shadows and lights in every render just to make everything blend! (IDK if I succeeded though haha) But I am very proud. 8D

Again, you can download the renders I have used making this here: Click this link, you will be interested to see them. With loads of resources to choose from, it's technically hard to make decisions on which to use. XD

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