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The Extinction of Good Shoujo Shows?
3/14/14 | 3 Comments | Top

It is actually pretty rare of me to post about something other than graphics, right? But yes, since this blog is actually under a lot of interest which my attention is revolved upon, you guys should expect some similar posts in the future as well.

As the title implies, there’s one question in my mind: are good shoujo shows are now near extinction?
As far as you have notice, as we grow up from teenagers to our late teens and so on, our taste in anime genre changes. Yes, because mine did and one thing that significantly affected the change that happened to me was: there are no more interesting shows under the genre. Yes, and in this post, we will talk about the ever popular genre, SHOUJO.

Log Horizon: Addicting shounen anime.
Shoujo – in Japanese translation, literally means “Girl”. As a genre, it means the lead character is a female. I was actually a fan of shows or manga that falls into this genre. Almost everything I have watched and read was all under the genre. But then, the time came when my taste in genre changed a whole lot and inclined from shoujo to SHOUNEN. Shounen, this time is the opposite of shoujo – literally means “Boy” and as a genre means the lead character is male. Apparently, I have some reasons that I have listed down while watching one of the latest shoujo anime that started airing since Winter 2013, Inari Konkon Koi Iroha.

Noragami: Another really good shounen.
  1. Shoujo is being overshadowed by Shounen shows – this is actually because most of the viewers are after action. Believe it or not, no matter how I love drama in life, I’d still prefer action over anything else. Most Shounen shows are paired with the action genre while shoujo shows don’t. Which is why there are just less shoujo shows that are being produced.
  2. Jerk-ish Characters – trust me, in most shoujo shows that I have watched and manga that I have read, most of the characters are just being a jerk or just plain stupid. I get the feeling that whenever the author tries to prolong a romantic story between two characters in a shoujo (since most shoujo are paired with romance), the author ruins the characters! Not to be rude or anything at all but that is how I feel. It’s either the author murders the essence of the characters or just makes the characters stupid or even worse: pull off a really stupid idea of a relationship hurdle whenever the author has the chance. (See Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun & Say I Love You from last year) Why can’t they just end the show after they gotten together before this shit happens? Just see Clannad – even though the story continued after the main characters had gotten together, it wasn’t stupid. There wasn’t any forced obstacle thrown at them. Everything was normal. And may I just mention Vampire Knight that made every character expressionless half the show. The comedy at the manga didn’t even do any effect anymore, at all.
  3. Shoujo often overthrown with Comedy – as much as I do love comedy in a show, there is also a “too much” into everything. I know that most of the time, it is necessary to put comedy in a show but just… not too much! I have watched Golden Time and I enjoyed the first episode but the second episode just blew it up with too much forced comedy scenes for a seinen anime. Come on, xxxHolic just did fine as a seinen with good humor too.
  4. Most Shoujo shows now are being replaced by Mahou Shoujo (Magical Girl) – yes, technically, they are being replaced nowadays. No matter how much I love Magical Girls, there are just some times that I can get sick of them (let us just skip the ever popular ‘transformation cues’). But in a sense, there are also magical girl shows that deserve me attention: i.e. Cardcaptor Sakura had my attention into almost all episode and Mermaid Melody with no matter how many times I was pissed off with the transformation shit.  
  5. 1.   Lastly, I just became a Yaoi fan. End of story.

I actually have more minor reasons why and the almost oh-so-popular one among the girls is: it becomes weird shit.

Yes, I am talking about the exaggeration of boobs, the ominous amount of fanservice and the fucking headphones.The three photos above are from Super Sonico The Animation.

Above all things stated above, I still have some interest in Shoujo as a genre especially if it pairs with Comedy and Romance. There is this one show that caught my eyes and interest despite I have long ditched shoujo shows years ago: Inari Konkon Koi Iroha.

The lead character and her love interest.

What’s different about this show than the other shoujo? No exaggerated fanservice even though there is an exaggeration of boobs on one of the characters. Not stupid characters. Good romance. Good sense of humor and definitely with a lot of lessons to learn from the show. This show is pure and reminded me a lot that I was once a great fan of the shoujo genre.

More Screenshots of the show:

They should release more shows like this. Ugh. OTL

I also would like to mention Red Data Girl, released also last year. It was a bit boring but it had a good sense as a shoujo show as well compared to other shows. It concentrated less on Romance too.

Taken from the last episode. Quite the scenery, imo.

I believe that there are actually a lot of shoujo manga that deserves an anime adaptation but with lacking funds for the production. And as stated on my reason #1, people tend to prefer action over some boring romantic shit you often see.
Well, rant’s over!

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