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A glimpse of our world
5/6/15 | 0 Comments | Top

If you're playing FFSNG (Friends For Sale Next Generation), then you might have some idea how groups work for that online selling game.

I'm actually one of the three founders of an interest group called Chronos and one of the current two leaders of the group (since the other leader is now too busy with life). And actually, our group will be turning two years old this coming June so we decided to hold a small event where players outside Chronos can play!

The event is called A Glimpse of Our World, which means the players who will finish the paths will have the chance to be a part of our group (since ours is only limited to 20 members only).

The event started last May 1, 2015 and there were a total of 20 players with 10 players in each paths (three paths originally but our third path didn't get any participants due to age). The game is currently ongoing and so far, I am enjoying it. Hahahaha

Event banner created by Raika.

Bellow are images of the group's 5th Phase, Keep Going Forward, featuring the color violet and our event display photos that resembles that of the back of a card with the guardians' respective names, titles, and ranks (based on tarot).

The one who did the design was me and I'm quite proud of it despite it going against my will of having swirls and flowers and curls and stuff which is too girly. But heck, everyone loved it anyway. HAHA

A preview of my ffsng account with my co-leader, Krantz as my owner.

And this is the preview of our templates.

Yeah, it is really purple-ish all over the place. Hahahaha Also, I really need to change our joint account's overall look as well.

More Links:
More about Chronos
A Glimpse of Our World Event (FB)

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