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Facebook Cover Collection Dump
5/21/15 | 2 Comments | Top

It has been a while since I posted anything related to graphics. Truth is, I haven’t really done anything except things for Chronos – my group in FFSNG – and, of course, for my facebook (and maybe onee-sama’s as well).

So make this story short, I’ll be just dumping my cover photos here since I’ve decided to use my Deviantart for illustrations purposes only.

As some of you might know that I am a big fan of Nano (ナノ) so I happen to have stumbled on one of his song that was used in a PSVITA Game, Re:Viced's Promotional Video. And I went like, "Why not make cover photos out of these cute looking characters?" So it happened.

Originally, I only made two - that's for me and for Krantz - then Bea and Badz ask for theirs and so I made them too.

Isn't Yukine so cute?

I also made the ones bellow as my other facebook sets with my Onee-sama, Krantz.

Please tell me you have read and watched Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)! Because if you haven't yet, you have missed the top-ranked musical anime of all time! So I will recommend it!

The manga has 44 Chapters that ended last March 2015 and the Anime with 22 episodes that ended last March 2015. There is another manga entitled, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - Coda which tells Kousei Arima's (the lead character) past. The Code started last April.

The ones written on the cover photo was what Kousei once said about Kaori (female) on episode 2, I think.

"I don't want to but I want to hear it."
"I don't want to but I want to see her."

I also made another version featuring other characters where my friends wore them for their facebook profiles. How lovely is it to do it in bulk? I love my friends!

As obvious as it may look, I am a big fan of Emi! She was one of the contestants that thought winning doesn't matter. She was only there to show something to Arima Kousei through her piano - which she had done marvelously, by the way.

After that was actually Valentines Day. So I made a cover for the Holiday. Actually, I planned to do this for me and Krantz only (again) but my other friends demanded for their share so I had no choice but to edit ones for them. LOL

And it turned out like this:

And after Valentines, Krantz told me to change sets so I have to make a new one. LOL Why am I being ordered around by these guys anyway?!

This one was hard to make because the original illustration was cut off and not really meant for graphics work but I liked it so much that I didn't have a choice but to make something out of it. This was the outcome.

Then after a month, Krantz wanted a new one. OTL

This time, Krantz chose the image to be used and I made it simple with a little blending and lighting.

As for the latest one, I made Krantz do the choosing since I downloaded this image pack from Vocaloid Otaku's Rin and Len Fanclub (oh, if you're interested, I am inviting you over haha). I made a few selections and ended up with six of them all so I went and ask Krantz to choose the image for the next set from my selected pieces.

We ended up with this one. I used some simple editing and spammed it with brushes. I like how it turned out.

Hope you enjoyed looking at them! /o/

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