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Fanart: Yukihira Soma [Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma]
5/20/15 | 0 Comments | Top

Have you ever tasted the worse dish in your life?

Well, no, that's not really what this is all about but in fact, the title says it all. Now, I will post in this entry my (aching) adventure towards creating this fanart of Yukihira Soma from the anime Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma.

Just like with what I have done with the fanart with Shana, I used color pencils and I'm shock to see that I came to love using colored pencils!

I really hated coloring my drawings because I suck at it (yes, I was so bad at it, srsly). But now that I am seeing that I am (somehow) getting better, it became a great joy. I hope that I can improve better in the future with this.

Progress images are under the cut!

I have to mention this first. I am a messy sketcher. When I know I will be inking it later, my stokes just go whatever and wherever.

I actually had some trouble with Soma's hair. I should also mention that I am bad at drawing guys because they might look like girls in the end. So I had to like... erase tons for his hair to be right.

I really had to change the lips because Soma should be cocky, right?

Ermm... Yes, I draw in class...? And I watch in class...? Is that... bad? I know, right?

I usually start coloring from the hair. IDK why I do that. And yeah, I often use different colors and mix them together and force all of them to blend well. Which (maybe) results for my works to fail most of the time.

"Is it okay to make Soma's hair firey?" was my question when this was done.


This ends it?

High Quality (DA): Click here
Facebook Post: Click here

Tools: Ink and colored pencils
Character: Yukihira Soma
Series: Shokugeki no Soma
By: Yuto Tsukuda & Shun Saeki

The manga is still running with 8 volumes released and the anime with 7 episodes as of date.

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