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Item Get: A Pair of Sticks
5/17/15 | 0 Comments | Top

Yesterday, I watched a movie with one of my juniors. Oh, please tell me someone watched Pitch Perfect 2 because if you haven’t you’re missing a lot of laughs in your life. So, yeah.

After the movie, we actually went into the Arcade. Okay, I think between us, I’m the only one who’s interested with arcade games. We played Time Crisis 5 (bloody expensive because it is freaking new in our country but worth it for me) and I played my usual games namely Technika 2 (because 3 is two hours away from where I am now) and Drumania.

After that, she told me “Why don’t you buy your own drumsticks?” And I was like, “I wonder why…” So in the end, with so many encouragements from her, I bought a pair.

It’s a Lazer 7A. It’s cheap. Well, it is just for gaming anyway so why should it matter?! LOL

I’m not a drummer. I just like music-oriented games so Drumania falls under that. It’s in my interest though. Maybe one day, if I have enough money, I could buy a set? Or not (Because I have tons of things I want to buy before that).

I even carved my name on both sticks. YAY!

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