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Book Review: The Heir by Kiera Cass
5/10/15 | 0 Comments | Top

Reading Kiera Cass’ fifth book of The Selection Series, The Heir, has no deep need of reading the first three books. That is, if you’re more interested of having a future-queen’s point of view than a queen-candidate’s. And if you haven’t read The Selection Series from the start, there will be a collection of four books available this month so you can save better so I hope you will get your hands on them!

I have to be honest that last Saturday, I practically ran through the crowd in the mall so I could buy my own copy of because the release of this book was in May fifth and I have a class that I can never get my butt out even if I really wanted to.

So I tried – really tried – to calm my nerves until Saturday and you have no idea how painful it is especially after know that your permission to go out was withheld by the management and to think you can’t go out of the dorms without it add more stress in me.

Good thing is: I got to go out in the afternoon where I (and some students) am allowed to cut the class short so I got my chance to go to the mall and paced towards our country’s biggest book store for I know they have a copy of it. At least, I know that the branch near me does. You guys should have seen how my eyes widened when I looked at the glassy window to the see two copies of the book sitting when I took the wrong escalator going up a floor. So I had to run again to reach second floor and grab my own copy then flew to the counter. The funny thing is: behind me was a girl who was also carrying her own copy – the last copy! – and we were both grinning at each other.

See, Kiera Cass! This is The Selection’s effect on your fans!

Fasten your seat belts because this one is really long! But don’t worry, I provided some lines from the book for more teasers!

Reading The Heir took a lot of toll on my plans. I have two pending fanarts that I have been working on for days (one in under coloring and second one is for inking) and I still have that event in Chronos to manage (and I can’t without an internet – damn dormitory for having poor signal). But yes, I have sacrificed those things aside so I could read the book before another week of school starts.

When I was waiting for Saturday, I have been reading comments about the book on the internet (being careful about spoilers because I experienced so many heart-breaking moments reading some when I read manga and watching anime a little late than others). I was a little saddened that most of the readers were (a little) disappointed at Princess Eadlyn’s character. But I thought I should reserve my judgment after I have read the book myself.

It took me a day to finish the book (since I have to do a lot of weekend things inside the dormitory as well and to prepare stuff for another week of lessons). And after reading it from start to finish (not to mention it includes a bonus chapter with Ahren’s letter to his girlfriend, Princess Camille of France), I personally can stand that:

I love Princess Eadlyn’s character!

Sure there were scenes that almost shook my love for her but when I think that it’s just because of the pressure of all the future-queen thing and I-do-this-for-my-parents thing I can clearly see where she stands behind that personality, that, I presume, made most readers dislike her.

Of course, some of you might think that King Maxon was never like her during his own selection from the previous three books. But he and Eadlyn are quite two different entities and grew up differently and at a different generation. Maxon was brought up by his father with force while Eadlyn was raised a little spoiled (okay, maybe bratty like how Kile would address her). And it’s because of this, Eadlyn, unlike her father, she saw everything around her as part of her power.

The line above explains her whole personality which I very much like. People around the globe would usually think that women are an understatement when it comes into leading people compared to men but this girl is proving them wrong which I know her parents are backing her up for they went as far as change the rules for her. With the power she has in her hands (or words), it was only natural that she would think she could mend everything around her as she wanted to in exchange for the burden that she has to carry. But the selection was an exception. This made her inner fumes to go wild because she was seriously fighting as the future-queen and not as Eadlyn.

Maybe what the readers meant to have disliked about Eadlyn is how she manages people with her own hands. Like how she eliminated a whole lot and never regretted it or how she openly gives in to kisses of one of her suitors or how she would despise everything around her that ruins her plans. But come on, guys, we all have plans and we are seriously easily angered by anything that goes against it. But the wonderful thing about Eadlyn is that she accepted chances even though she hated them to the core. She moved on with the selection, tried her best to fulfill her role (as a distraction) and tried having fun with her choices. While some of us ignore chances that don’t appeal to us and regret it after the time we realize that what we didn’t bat an eye on resulted into something we had always hoped for – which is worse.

Personally, Eadlyn doesn’t stop at being the war-woman that her queen side is. Like when Hale met with her for the first time:

I find this one very funny and explained how Eadlyn could see things in a wide range than me, the reader. I know that this was a little offensive even though she was a part of the family who trashed the castes and still mentions her father being a One but this was a statement shooting back to an attempt by Hale. This one encounter seriously put Hale to his proper place right from the very beginning (which could be the reason why he’s still in the selection up until the end of the book).

And of course, who doesn’t want a Queen to rule like her? She knows her own strengths and weaknesses (please don’t let her cook). And she knows her own limits even though she knew since birth that she has every power to turn things her way because she was firstborn.

There's also a big difference between Eadlyn and her mother when ti comes to the definition of power. Maybe this is because America was trained to become Maxon's assistant while Eadlyn was trained to become the true ruler. Which both will fulfill too different roles. But even so, we can see how Eadlyn adores her mother and how she sees America as a lovely Queen (despite America doubting herself).

And why the selection is nerve-wrecking for her? Simple. Maxon, during his own selection, he was ready by that time and he knew he will do it one day while as for his daughter twenty years later, Eadlyn had no idea that she will be doing her own selection too soon even though they mentioned that they will not push her to one. And to add more distress – she has to do it as a decoy for her parents and for the betterment of her country. But even so, I like her idea of how she would preserve her heart for her The One and how she would answer some of Gavril’s questions without rehearsing them and even doubting if it is still her who’s saying things – which could only explain how natural she is. Or maybe self-centered but she’s learning.
And lastly, the character that made me move was how determined she is. The kind of a queen that can never be swayed by anything around her, believing in herself more than others and knowing she can do more.

Of course, The Heir is still part of The Selection Series because we still have our lovely King Maxon and Queen America appear in a lot of romantic ways. Not only helping their child to decide for her life (even though she is so clearly against it with whole body and soul) but they also appear to be the same America and Maxon from the previous books. And believe me; Kiera Cass didn’t fail on delivering scenes and lines for our two beloved rulers of Illѐa. Like how Eadlyn described her parents one time:

We all know how much Maxon adores America from the previous books and The Heir still displays how he still does after twenty years which is sweet. This is just a total turn on for girls so I would really like it for boys to learn from Maxon even though he claims his experience is very limited.

And one of my favorites from the book on how they show so much affection to the other:

Note to Eadlyn: Of course everybody knows! It was covered nationwide after all!

And I find this really funny and sweet and just really romantic. As a big fan of America, I am quite a proud girl reading this book, showing how much their love for each other didn’t change over the years.

And even as Queen, America never cease to show her own America-sides during the whole book. I really quite like how she yelled at her daughter while she was trying to hit a ball during a baseball game with her suitors. THAT was the America we knew full well and I’m quite sad that Eadlyn knows so little of how of a rebel and a pain her mother was during her father’s selection. I could only imagine her reactions to the whole thing.

Have you ever felt this feeling? 

I did and instead of falling into depression, I kind of felt so happy after that “sacrifice” when I know I am doing the right thing. We know well how America ended up as Queen and we know too how much she had lost because of it. And gained after everything.

For someone who had undergone (not really but) the same experience as Eadlyn, Maxon would be the best person to go to whenever there is a problem with the selection or when you need a couple of advices.

There are also times that I have been waiting for Maxon to reveal bits more of his own selection to his daughter for just some heads-ups but it seems to be wiser that he shouldn’t by the flow of the chapters. We all know that their selection was held under too many different conditions.

Eadlyn received a lot of hurt from this scene but I find this really funny and worth the share. And there are more funny scenes worth everyone to share as well!

Like when Ean, one of the suitors, first met Princess Eadlyn:

I simply liked Ean by how he would think and make good decisions. Although his character during the whole book was just the intimidating one, he still has a good grade from me.

Also, When Princess Eadlyn tried to speak Finish to one of her suitors, Henri, and asked his translator, Erik, how she did:

Oh, Henri is a gift. It is just too bad that there is a language barrier between him and being the greatest choice Eadlyn could choose. But despite it, I like how he does things his pace and his honesty in almost all things.

Erik, his translator, is the same entity. His loyalty to his work with Henri even though I am sure he would feel out of place a lot for being the different one is something to be admired. And I have a feeling that he will do more role in this than I first suspected so I am looking forward something from him more too.

When Princess Eadlyn is in a “group date” with four of her suitors in the kitchen and both she and Kile are trying to turn on the oven:

Kile is a treasure. I know that they both agree on how their relationship could never be go beyond childhood friends (and arch nemesis, maybe) but as someone who have watched too many romance anime over my childhood, I could practically predict a development. Yes, I am personally cheering for Kile and I suspect America had something to do with his application. I am doubtful of the reason though. If she had seen such connection between Kile and her daughter or she is just helping her best friend for not letting his son slip away from the palace. But either way, I should thank them for it made the whole selection interesting.

But of course, the readers know how much of a great chance Kile has with Eadlyn by how many times they have been together (secretly) during the whole thing.

I like Ahren too. (Well, almost all of the remaining characters at the end of the book, actually) Character-wise, he and Edlyn differ but it is because they are fulfilling different roles in this. Although  personality-wise is a more so to the “no” side. We can also see how calm and understanding Ahren is but mostly because he doesn’t have the same pressure on his shoulders like what’s on Eadlyn’s.

But the way how these two sync with each other just proven that their minds act more than just siblings as the way they are. And yes, I am pretty much saddened at Ahren’s sudden decision at the end and how the mess turned out to be. But I know he meant well.

Being a guy and the one who is currently madly in love, Ahren knew better than our future queen. Of course, how he happened to have learned them faster than his twin was something we are not aware of but I like his character either way.

Sometimes, I wish of having a brother of my own. Older one at that.

Well, okay. Fine, Eadlyn. I get that. Thanks.

The book also didn’t forget to show how likable the other characters are – especially with Eadlyn’s brothers. I like how all of their personality varies from one another despite having the same origin of genes.

Kaden is very much like of a genius. He reminded me of the previous King rather than Maxon and acts mature than his age (mature than Eadlyn at times but this is just because he doesn’t have the same burden as his sister). Osten is cute on his own way mainly because he’s still young. But I can see how much he loves his only sister. He even follows her every word (not sure if it is because he knew well that Eadlyn is his future queen).

And Neena, Eadlyn’s personal maid. She kind of reminded me of Lucy and the party of three (oh, be still, my heart) when America was still just a Lady and helped her in every way they can. Those were the good days.

I also have seen the other characters like Aspen and Lucy. You have no idea how my heart broke at these two. Out of all the people who could have such a fate, it has to be Aspen’s love. Despite cheering for Maxon and America together, I have this considerable amount of like for Aspen. He was a great character during the first three books and I can still see how I still like him even in this. The Woodworks are fine although I wanted to ask more of their scenes together but I understand that their family has to live in the shadows of the palace except for their daughter, Josie. And I so don’t like her in a level Eadlyn does. Does anyone like her anyway?

The Heir came to a close with the greatest cliffhanger that Kiera Cass could possible think and she didn’t fail of making my hands itchy to wanting to get the lid of The Selection Series. Even though how much I would want to cheer for an Eadlyn x Kile ending, I am still opening my options to the other suitors for I like them too.

Still, I wonder why Eadlyn appears to be fair in the book cover when she says she’s tan. LOL

I hope you had fun reading The Heir as much as I did! Because if you don’t, I even wonder why you went as far as the fourth book.


I would recommend this without delay to my female friends. Who wouldn’t want to read a book with a girl who has the chance to get unlimited glittering gowns and fine jewels if she wins a battle of the generation? And a girl who basically had all the power to rule a country and earn her very own thirty-five suitors?

But for the males, I am still holding back. I don’t know how guys would feel reading books in a female’s point of view so I wouldn’t know if they will like this or not. But I have friends who are very open-minded and would still name this book for them.

The book I actually bought comes with a bookmark and Kiera Cass’ letter to her Filipino fans. I didn’t know she visited Philippines. If I had, I could have been willing to skip class even if it meant my cancellation.

PS: Seven-paged review! WT--- //runsaway

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