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When Your Childhood Comes Back, Better!
5/6/15 | 0 Comments | Top

If you are born in the early 90’s you would know that there were seven children that were dragged into a new world as the chosen ones. They’ve met new friends, experience a lot of things together, fought with each other and with themselves and faced different enemies along their journey back to their own world.

If that sounded so familiar, I can say it myself that you had the coolest childhood ever by watching Digimon Adventure, the first ever series under the tag of Digimon that spread more series in later dates.

Actually, this 2015, TOEI is celebrating Digimon’s 15th Anniversary by making a new Theatrical Series entitled Digimon Adventure Tri where the original seven chosen children will once again return in the world full of cute transforming monsters, meeting their partners several years later after they have returned to Earth.

Sounds exciting isn’t it?

Because it is. Not only that, the series will be coming back with Wada Kouji and their very own Butter-Fly, the opening song of Digimon Adventure. All casts and the new version of the song were revealed in their promotional video.

In order to welcome the first ever Digimon Adventure Tri PV, the producers decided to live-air all 54 episodes of Digimon Adventure through Nico Nico Douga – a Japanese video sharing website. The live stream ended yesterday that lasted for three days.

I remember I also blogged about Butter-Fly being covered by different Japanese amateur (back then) NND vocalists.

Digimon Adventure's I Wish, their Ending Song and Brave Heart, their OST during digimon's transformation will also be back with Tri.

Their official website also provides fans the fun of cracking a digi-egg to reveal bits of information about the new series and the chosen children's reunion with their partners. How about you help hatching these eggs too?

The series was said to start in theaters on November 21, 2015. Tell me, who's not excited?

DAT Official Website: http://digimon-adventure.net/
Official Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Digi_advntr15th

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